[34] Thirteen members of the Border Guard Police (BGP) were killed and nine others were injured,[35][36][37] whilst 40 firearms and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition were looted. [52], On 23 June 2020, Thai authorities raided a house in the border town of Mae Sot (next to Kayin State), seizing a large stash of newly manufactured weapons originating from China. Established on April 10, 2009 Arakan Army led by Arakan’s younger generations, has become one of the most credibility army forces in Burma fighting for self-determination, national equality, justice and freedom. 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We did our best to defend the enemy's offensive attacks and seized some of the enemy corpses and ammunition. Ltd. Farmers’ Facebook, Instagram accounts blocked, restored after 3 hours! [26], On 20 August 2015, the Arakan Army clashed with a Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) after patroling ten of their horses had been confiscated by the BGB earlier that day. Arakan Army Denies Drug Charge, Silent On Arms Import, Arakan Army Separatists Sound Bugle For Final Charge, Myanmar In Rare Attack Against China For 'Support To Terror', Campaign at the China–Burma border (1960–1961), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Arakan_Army_(Kachin_State)&oldid=993836332, Paramilitary organisations based in Myanmar, Organizations designated as terrorist by Myanmar, Wikipedia articles needing copy edit from December 2020, Articles containing Burmese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 December 2020, at 19:15. 5. Up to 400 pieces a year and ammunitions produced … “Shimray told Willy he wanted to procure 1,000 firearms. The New Delhi officials said those arrested explained that Indian insurgents were being supplied weapons by the Arakan Army, which in turn received China’s support to protect investments such as roads and gas pipelines in an economic corridor stretching from Sittwe port to Kunming. They were, however, forced to abort their plan following Shimray’s arrest in September 2010. Willy also had to be let off and the case practically closed down. Further investigation revealed that he rented a house together with Wai Tha Tun in North Dagon Township. According to the Myanmar Peace Monitor, the AA had more than 1,500 troops in 2014,[13] including personnel stationed in the Rakhine State near Myanmar's border with Bangladesh. The expert did not wish to be identified because of possible Chinese counter-measures resenting the disclosure. Another top source in Chittagong says that Bangladesh intelligence has received unconfirmed reports that the Burmese military is trying to develop close links with the former rebels of Shanti Bahini in the Chittagong Hill Tracts to use them in the area against the Arakanese and Rohingya rebels. An unknown number of military personnel were killed in the fighting. But under pressure from NSCN(I-M) whose negotiations with the Indian government is now in its final stages, Delhi released Shimray, who had been earlier been picked by Indian intelligence at Kathmandu airport and booked under NSA. He said TCL, a Norinco front, loaded the consignment on a ship at Heibei, a small fishing port in South China in the early part of February, even when the Corona pandemic was raging in China. As a result, they took up arms against the Myanmar Army in support of the KIA. [50], On 6 February 2020, the Arakan Army began attacking the Meechaung outpost of the Tatmadaw, which is located at the bank of Kaladan River, Paletwa Township, Chin State, in order to take control of the command post. [10][11] According to Amnesty International, AA has perpetrated violence and abuse against civilians, including abductions and forced labour. 31 Police Security Unit at 10 pm. The weapons, worth 30 million baht (almost $1 million), were meant to be supplied to the Arakan Army and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), both active in Rakhine, the people said. The TCL connection has earlier figured in a successful NIA case investigating an attempt by the rebels of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland(Issam-Muivah) to bring in a huge consignment of weapons by the same Monakhali-Wyakaung route in 2010. Armed groups in Myanmar -- including the United Wa State Army and the Arakan Army, which was designated a terrorist organization this year -- are acting as Beijing’s proxies by supplying weapons and providing hideouts to insurgent groups in India’s northeastern states, according to Indian officials with knowledge of the situation, who asked not to be identified due to rules for speaking with … [12], The AA is a participant in the Kachin conflict, fighting alongside the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) against the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Armed Forces). 563 Light Infantry Battalion under the supervision of Light Infantry Division No. [14][15][16] The Irrawaddy stated in September 2015 that the AA had 2,500 troops and 10,000 supporters. The AA is said to have strong links with China since its formation in Kachin in 2009. The Arakan Army later stated that it had captured nine BGP personnel and five civilians, and that three of its fighters were also killed in the attacks. They have done these for northeast Indian rebels in the past. “But our estimates are the consignment consisted of 200 rifles and about 40000 rounds of ammunition,” a top AR official said. The Arakan Army (ULA/AA) along with Our Brotherhood Alliance of the Kokang (MNTJP/MNDAA) and the Ta'ang (PSLF/TNLA) has declared a unilateral ceasefire again with the aim to effectively facilitate the tasks of combating and prevention of the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic, practical tasks in conformity with the peace process, and 2020 general election. [25] On 27 August 2015, there was a clash between the AA and the Bangladesh border guard forces, with both sides opening fire near the Boro Modak area of Thanci in the Bandarban district, near the shared Burma-Bangladesh border. [44], On 9 March 2019, around 60 AA insurgents launched an evening attack on Yoe-ta-yoke Police Station. Northeast Now is a multi-app based hyper-regional bilingual news portal. The Tatmadaw retaliated with fighter jets, bombing AA positions until 6 am the next day. [49], On 26 October 2019, rebel soldiers from riverbank near Mayu River abducted a ferry from Sittwe to Buthidaung Township carrying identify government soldiers and polices later inspected by the Arakan Army. Clashes were reported in Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Kyauktaw, Rathedaung and Ponnagyun Townships, located in the northern and central parts of Rakhine State. After military helicopters attacks with rockets and machine guns as rescue, sank two boats and nearly killed off its own men and few soldiers from Arakan Army have died there according to statement issued by the United League of Arakan. The New Delhi officials said those arrested explained that Indian insurgents were being supplied weapons by the Arakan Army, which in turn received China’s support to … The Arakan Army was raised in 2009, under the Kachin Independence Organisation along the China border – the same year the Kaladan project was declared by India. The AA rebels now seem to be using the same route inside Bangladesh (Wyakaung beach to Thanchi to Parva in Mizoram) that the northeastern rebels have used before. In 2019, when a phase of the Kaladan project was nearing its completion, the Arakan Army shifted its area of operation to Rakhine and Southern Chin. The Arakan Army (Burmese: ရက္ခိုင့်တပ်တော်; abbreviated AA) is a Rakhine armed group in Myanmar (Burma), founded on 10 April 2009. © 2019 - Maintained by EZEN Software & Technology Pvt. However, the Western Command (stationed in Chin State and Rakhine State) was notably excluded from the unilateral ceasefire announcement and an increase in clashes between the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army was reported. [27], In December 2015, the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army engaged in several days of fighting, around 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of Sittwe at the border between Kyauktaw and Mrauk U townships. Willy, of Thai-Chinese origin, was one of the four accused chargesheeted by the NIA in its case number RC-01. [45] On the same day, AA insurgents managed to conquer the front line commanding post of Rakhine State's Gwa Township-based No. Arakan Army and local villagers … On the high seas, the consignment was to be shifted to small fishing trawlers to reach Bangladesh, and then to the Northeast,” said a top NIA official, but again wishing to remain anonymous. [38][39] Following the attacks, the Office of the President of Myanmar held a high-level meeting on national security in the capital Naypyidaw on 7 January 2019, and instructed the Defense Ministry to increase troop deployments in the areas that were attacked and to use aircraft if necessary. “It seems the Bangladesh forces in the area look the other way and do not disturb the AA both because it is a strong force and also because it is creating a huge problem for the Myanmarese forces that generals and admirals in Dhaka and Chittagong may not be very unhappy about,” ” one top source in Cox’s Bazar said. Armed groups in Myanmar -- including the United Wa State Army and the Arakan Army, which was designated a terrorist organization this year -- … Clashes continued afterwards and peaked in the second week of March when the Arakan Army claimed it captured 36 soldiers, including the Battalion Commander, from the Light Infantry Battalion (7) under the command of the 77th Light Infantry Division. “Shimray had told Yuthna that the NSCN (I-M) wants to procure arms for $1million (approximately Rs 60 crore), including AK-series automatic rifles, light machine guns, rocket launchers, rocket-propelled grenades and five lakh rounds of ammunition,” the official said. Shimray had also paid $100,000 to shipping agent Kittichai of Intermarine Shipping Company of Bangkok. More than 593 instances of clashes between the Arakan Army and Myanmar were … Arakan Liberation Army's weapon captured in Mizoram - YouTube News medias claimed that all 3 boats with total of 165 passengers and 50 government personnel with 58 people being abducted and 14 were rescued later one helicopter was suffered some damages from gun fires left one wounded. The separatist Arakan Army (AA) fighting Myanmar troops in an intensified conflict in the coastal province of Rakhine and the neighbouring state of Chin has managed to land and bring in a huge consignment of weapons and ammunition through Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts. He said the NIA has emails exchanged between Shimray and Willy and electronic receipts sent to Shimray for the payment. Myanmar’s army says it killed 13 ethnic Rakhine fighters in counter attacks, after the well-armed group carried out deadly strikes on police posts earlier this month. “Bangladesh intelligence closely follows any possible effort to revive the Shanti Bahini and they realise that in view of strong Delhi-Dhaka relations, only the Burmese could use these Buddhist tribal insurgents in future,” the source said. From the northeastern states of India, a total of 423 illegal weapons, including AK-47s, M-16s, Chinese pistols and Lathodes, have been recovered so far this year. The separatist Arakan Army (AA) fighting Myanmar troops in an intensified conflict in the coastal province of Rakhine and the neighbouring state of Chin has managed to land and bring in a huge consignment of weapons and ammunition through Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts. The separatist Arakan Army (AA) fighting Myanmar troops in an intensified conflict in the coastal province of Rakhine and the neighbouring state of Chin has managed to land and bring in a huge consignment of weapons and ammunition through Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts. [48], On 22 September 2019, fighting broke out near Taunggyi Village in Myebon Township, as the ceasefire expired. “Willy had also allegedly helped Shimray to get an end-user certificate from Laos, which needs to be submitted to the arms manufacturing companies before the purchase and later to the shipping companies for shipment,” he said. Many others were injured. It is not clear whether the AA has paid TCL or whether the Chinese intelligence would have organised covert payment. The seized weapons were original Chinese made and were meant to be smuggled to insurgent groups on the Myanmar border as they pay good prices. Myanmar's Anti-Terrorism Central Committee designates Arakan Army a terrorist group in accordance with the country's counter-terrorism law. As the political dynamics in the northeast is intricate and fluid, Northeast Now is always politically neutral. On 30 May 2020 the Arakan Army released a statement demanding the immediate withdrawal of Burmese Government administration and Burmese armed forces from Arakan. [1] Bangladesh army and navy have not conducted any operation against the Arakan Army in recent years and it was not surprising that the AA consignment could be landed without an interception. It was reported that LIB (7) was heli dropped near the Meechaung Outpost as reinforcements for the encircled outpost, on 11 March. 5 more die of Covid19 in Assam; death toll reaches 1,017, 19 Bangladeshis including 17 women return from India after serving 2 years in jail, Assam: NTPC Bongaigaon ‘Black Treasure’ team wins first prize at ER-II Regional Quality Circle Convention 2020. “People think the Arakan Army needs strength in weapons and soldiers, and then it will have equal political opportunities when negotiating with the Tatmadaw and [the] government,” said Khaing Kaung San of the Rakhine State CSO Peace Committee, which includes civil society organisations involved in government-led discussions on ending Myanmar’s conflicts. [31], On 21 December 2018, the Myanmar Army declared a four-month unilateral ceasefire in five conflict areas, saying it would hold talks with non-signatories of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) during the ceasefire period. It’s part of an alliance with the Kachin Independence Army, another armed group fighting a separate conflict against Myanmar’s military. The Chinese have earlier supplied Manpads to the United Wa State Army, which is so strong that the Tatmadaw does not dare attack it. After carrying the huge consignment to Sandak(Mro), the AA has smuggled the arms into Rakhine using the Parva corridor in South Mizoram here the local Khumi villagers are friendly to the insurgents. The nearest Bangladesh army camps hardly send out patrols in these hilly terrain and the cantonment of Alikadam is far away. The weapons are worth 30 million baht (almost 1 million dollars). [46], On 9 April 2019, around 200 AA insurgents attacked the No. That the AA has concentrated much strength in Paletwa which is in Chin state bordering Mizoran is perhaps because it is easier to reach arms consignments brought by sea to Paletwa rather than across the Rakhine coast where the Burmese navy is active. [28] Several Tatmadaw personnel, including one commanding officer, were killed in sniper attacks. According to a leaked combat report, nine policemen were killed, two were injured, and a dozen weapons, including 10 BA-63 assault rifles, were stolen by the attackers. [1] It is the armed wing of the United League of Arakan (ULA), currently led by Major General Twan Mrat Naing. A TCL manager Lin who also goes by the name of Yuthna was instrument in loading the cargo on the ship. In April 2015, the AA clashed with the Myanmar Army in Kyauktaw Township of Rakhine State and Paletwa Township of Chin State. Arakan Army Says It Killed 30 Myanmar Soldiers and Seized Numerous Weapons in Kyauk Tan and Aung Thar Zay Battles Amid Government Forcing Massive Relocations in Rathedaung Township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State June 27, 2020 1 comment Location of AA and Myanmar army firing areas and villagers fleeing after the firing on June 26. The weapons were to be supplied to the Arakan Army and also the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). June 27, 2020. TCL is a front for Chinese arms manufacturing giant Norinco and through TCL they have planned to procure the arms and ammunition,” the NIA official told Easternlink when it tried to seek background information on the Chinese link with arms trafficking to Northeast India through the Bangladesh route that is now being used by the Arakan Army.